Saga on Tour (–°ompetition)

Saga is one of the well-known Canadian rock bands that have been around for over 4 decades now and the time is near as the band turns 40 and this being said the band is coming to the end. As we have seen Saga has entertained us as Saga launched 21 hit albums full of music that can be enjoyed up till now.

All this became past ever since Michael Sadler the frontman of Saga gave a heartbreaking announcement on his twitter post as he said that the band was coming to its 4 years of recording, writing and touring but however after discussion with his brothers he and his brothers decided that 2017 would be the final year of Saga but with the exception of a very special performance on the cruise to edge 2018 and further said that this would be all.

The End of an Era

Saga has had without a doubt inspired many with their unique music and from the late 70s and early 80s they have made a loyal fan following in Germany and Canada and this may be true that 2-18 would be the last time when people would be able to see saga perform but all good things have to come to an end someday and as far as this band is concerned it is going out with a big bang as people who love their music will cherish and remember their music and so will their words be listened by the next generation but for now we have indeed seen the last of Saga and provided 40 memorable years of joy and entertainment to people of all ages.

The countdown towards the End

As the time goes by the countdown towards the end of saga get even closer as they have made an exceptional reputation amongst the people and have built a loyal following there may be a case that after a while they may give out a final performance for their fans but whatever the case their music and their 4 decades of service. Will be marked as unforgettable for the times to come. supports the Saga on their tour. Send a photo to our mail from their concerts with #sagaontour supported #seatleafs and  try to win two tickets to Toronto Maple Leafs games.