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About Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs was founded in 1917 as a professional ice hockey team and is located in Toronto, Canada and has many Canadian fans. They are among the reputable teams of the N.E Division of National Hockey League (NHL).They are also among one of the “Original Six” team members of the National Hockey League, it is publicly known as the Jockey Club, Toronto Maple Leaf and it is the overseer of Maple Leaf Sports, fun & Entertainment, (MLSE).

They were first placed in Maple Leaf Gardens having played for 68 years until 1999 when they vacated to Air Canada Centre (ACC). The teams contest against Ottawa Senators, and the Montreal Canadiens are so fierce such that many like the game. They acquire the 2nd most competitive winners of 13(the Canadiens got 24). What disappoints the team is to win Stanley Cup which they lastly won in 1967.

Stanley Cup is also the longest-active Cup in the National hockey league. But the Toronto Maple Leafs stood to be the highest valued team in the NHL. In 2015 its valuation was at $650 million. Maple Leafs Fans fans are nicknamed as “Leafs Nation.” The byname is often used on the fans website.

To get one home game ticket at any time in Toronto is a difficult thing for fans, from 1946 to 1999 game tickets have been sold in advance yet more fans kept on demand for tickets. After moving to ACC in October 2002, they sold all the tickets. The average total ticket fare each game arrives US$1.9 million.

Unbelievably, other NHL teams fans also passionately dislike the maple leafs team, and as a result, in November 2002 they were named as the most hated hockey team by hockey writer. The Maple Leaf team fans are known as the most loyal fans although they treat other team fans too bad regardless being the second last among the four big leagues.

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